Carpet of Flayed Man

Date: ca. 19th century
Culture: China for Tibet
Medium: Wool, cotton, and dye
Dimensions: Overall: 73 5/8 x 49 3/4 in. (187 x 126.4 cm)
Classification: Textiles

This flayed male (Tibetan: g.yang gzhi) appears to be bound at and suspended by the wrists. He is bearded and fanged and his skin is stripped, as if he were being identified with an animal, thus bridging the human and bestial worlds. His feet and hands intercept the decorative border of freshly severed heads, grinning macabrely. Such a fearsome carpet could have served as an appropriate site for making tantric offerings to the wrathful protector deities within the gonkhang, the chapel dedicated to their worship within a Tibetan monastery.


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ну что это мужчина, допустим, понятно. А вот что он освежеван, кто сказал? Получается, что клыкастый изнутри больше похож на запеченное филе лосося, чем на человека. Да и бошки по краям улыбаются совсем не macabrely.

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