Если коллеги вас не уважают. Месть китайца или чай с мочой

An elderly male kindergarten worker from a school in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, surprisingly escaped punishment and kept his job after being filmed peeing into the tea of his co-workers.

The unruly urinator was caught after one of his colleagues noticed a strange smell from her tea.

After talking to her female co-workers, the women set up a cellphone camera in the classroom.

And they were shocked to find that co-worker 54-year old Gao Chao had been adding a little extra color of his own to their break time beverages.

The women reported Gao to the police and he was promptly arrested.

But after tests confirmed he had no infectious diseases, police said they couldn’t prosecute him. What’s worse, Gao kept his job and is now back at school.

Gao said he peed in the tea because his co-workers did not pay him enough respect.

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