Бабская драчка женщин-полицейских в Китае

Video, Two chinese police women fight in the street, Two female police officers hit each other in China.

It’s not unusual for traffic wardens to be on the receiving end of abuse from the public as they dish out parking tickets and clamp poorly-parked cars.

But when traffic stopped for a row in Tangshan, China, it was because it was between two traffic wardens.

The female officers were caught on camera as they fought on the job while they were supposed to be directing traffic during rush hour.
Standing on a pedestrian crossing in the middle of a busy road, the officers grappled with each other for over a minute.

The pair hit and punched each other in the head and face, knocking off their white caps and ignoring the cars that honked as they drove past.
They are stopped by another female officer, who leaves her post across the road, marches over to the pair and grabs them by the arms.

As she reprimands them, the officers continue to grab each others’ hair.

According to Shanghai press, the traffic police assistants were hired to help police direct the traffic and are not full time employees.

Assistant officers are used on the busy roads of China’s major cities, which are prone to congestion.

The dispute, which turned into a street brawl, broke out just before 9am on July 8.

Local police told Shanghai press that the women were fired following the fight.

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