Chinese tourists behaving badly: Mainland sightseers throw hissy fit at Hong Kong hotel

A group of more than two dozen Mainland Chinese tourists thrust police and staff at a hotel in Hong Kong’s bustling Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood into their own personal hell on Sunday.

Before arriving in Hong Kong, the group of 29 visiting from the southeastern province of Fujian had tried to book a total of seven rooms, meant to accommodate 24, for just a single night, according to authorities. The expired credit card they had used to book the $1,000 expense, however, was declined.

Reportedly knowing full well they didn’t have a proper reservation ahead of their departure the group nonetheless decided to air their grief with hotel staff.

The hotel nonetheless agreed to offer four rooms that could accommodate the large group for US$950 on very short notice.

The set of rooms included one with seven bunk beds and apparently large enough to fit a whopping 14 people, two rooms for a half dozen people each, with only two double beds in each room, meaning four people would have to doze off on the hotel room floor. And finally, a likely much more comfortable room for three of the tourists.

Instead of getting accustomed to their no doubt less than snug arrangements, as soon as they checked in, the army of tourists marched off straight to Disneyland.

When they came back to the hotel at around 7 p.m., they began to, unsurprisingly, kick up a bit of a fuss. This time complaining that the hotel had put men and women in the same room, that they didn’t like bunked beds, and that they didn’t want to, under any circumstances, sleep on the ground.

The complaints lasted an agonizing seven hours and finally ended around 2 a.m. after the hotel agreed to pay for the group to stay at a neighboring hotel.

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