Laowai allegedly slaps Chinese woman, near-riot ensues

It was a literal slap in the face for laowai/local relations.

A Caucasian man, appearing to be middle aged and sporting a Walmart brochure in the left breast pocket of his shirt, found himself surrounded by angry passersby as he sat holed up in the back seat of a BYD car. Many from the crowd said, on camera, that the foreigner should apologize because he allegedly slapped a Chinese woman and spat on her face.

To prevent him from leaving the scene, the throng punctured the tires of his car. They also tried to push close and break the vehicle’s windows, but police held them at bay with more than a little difficulty.

The incident erupted on Aug 17 in Henan province’s Zhengzhou city. Eventually police managed to slip the man out from the crowd, to safety. After that, the angry mob let loose on the vehicle, shattering the back window.

One woman, unable to control her emotions, asked police officers why they had let off the laowai so easily after he had attacked a Chinese person.

It was not until a police officer stepped forward to say he would resign if the matter were not resolved appropriately did the crowd then begin to disperse.

Watch Youku version of the video here.


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